10 Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts to Target Hidden Germs

Posted on May 5, 2014

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10 Cleaning Do's and Don'ts to Target Hidden Germs


The first order of business today is:


Tackling hidden germs with 10 Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts


This list will help us be thorough in addressing areas of hidden germs in a simple, non-toxic way before they require more stringent methods of cleaning. And it will cut down on allergens or worse.

In a separate post, you can find an all-purpose Master Home Maintenance checklist that can serve as a Spring Cleaning To-Do list.




1.  DO disinfect toilet handle

Seems like a no brainer right, but I wonder, how many times does it get overlooked?


2.  DON’T put the toilet brush back in the holder immediately after cleaning

Simply set it on the seat so it can drip into the bowl. Wait until it’s dry to put it back in the holder. And don’t forget to clean the duo every once in a while. Soak them in a vinegar solution, rinse off, allow to dry.


3.  DO use your bathroom exhaust fan

Turning the fan on before you shower and up to 20 minutes after helps to remove the moisture and stop the growth of mildew. Cracking a window works too.




4.  DO clean Kitchen sponges frequently

Either run it through the dishwasher with your load of dirty dishes, microwave a sopping wet sponge (no fires please) or soak it in a mixture of 3/4 cup bleach and one gallon of water. Personally, I prefer using a dishcloth. I just throw the dirty one in the wash and get out a new one, daily is best.


5.  DO clean reusable grocery bags

Food bacteria can build up on the cloth bags. Turn them inside out and run them through the wash. You may want to allow them to air dry rather than putting them in the dryer unless they’re 100% cotton.


Laundry / Utility Room


6.  DO clean the broom

Anyone else grossed out at the thought of cleaning your broom? Well, it’s a good idea to vacuum the bristles or swish the bristles around in warm soap and water from time to time.


7.  DO wash that Gym bag

If it’s machine washable then throw it in; if not, wipe the bag inside and out with a damp soapy cloth. Once the bag has dried, sprinkling in some baking soda will help to absorb odors.


8.  Ditto DO on washing the Purse and/or Diaper bag

A purse (let alone a diaper bag), is a veritable petri dish of all things yuk, including salmonella! Wipe it out regularly.




9.  DON’T pack outerwear without cleaning

You don’t want the dead skin and bacteria to breed while in storage. Before packing them away till next winter, wash and dry the hats, scarves, mittens. Anything leather will need to be wiped down with a leather cleaning wipe instead.


10.  DON’T forget your small electronics

If we only knew how dirty our television remote was, we’d go back to walking across the room and manually changing the channel, well maybe.  🙂  And the germ fest doesn’t end there – our phones, headphones, tablets and the like get a prize too. Wipe these items down with a cotton swab of alcohol. Word of caution: on sensitive areas of your phone and tablet, choose a friendlier cleaner.


This is by no means an exhaustive list; it covers only areas that seem to get overlooked most often.  You may find it handy to incorporate this cleaning list into the Master Household Maintenance Checklist.


What do you consider a “hot-spot” of hidden germs not mentioned here?





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