10 Important Facts About Your Baby’s Sleep

Posted on Oct 12, 2013

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These 10 Important Facts about your Baby’s Sleep are a must read when considering their long-term health.


Any Parent of a new baby knows that sleep for everyone in the household is necessary yet in those first few weeks or even months it can seem elusive.  A tired parent does not have time or energy to cull through endless sleep sights on the web to find an answer. 


I’ve collected the most pressing facts related to the imperative need for sleep and presented them here.  Here are 10 facts about your baby’s sleep that may very well change forever the way you view sleep.


    1. Daytime and Nighttime Sleep is essential for your baby’s health.

    2. Even small sleep deficits over time can have negative long-term effects on temperament.

    3. Not all babies will automatically fall asleep when they’re tired; bedtime rituals are key.

    4. A wired infant or young child may actually be overtired.

    5. Babies have biological rhythms that create amagic windowfor sleep.

    6. Infants can be put on a sleep schedule within the first week.

    7. Most infants can be taught to sleep thru the night at 4 months.

    8. A baby who sleeps well at night will sleep better at nap time & vice-verse.

    9. There is a strong connection between the amount of time time infants are in REM sleep and their subsequent quiet alert learning time.

    10. If a baby doesn’t learn to sleep well it could lead to adult insomnia.


    Source(s):  The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems: Sleeping, Feeding, and Behavior–Beyond the Basics from Infancy Through Toddlerhood by Tracy Hogg; and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth M.D.


    I know you’re probably thinking, “Ok, so now what?  I get that sleep is important for me and baby.  How do I solve my sleep dilemma?”  Don’t despair!  I’ve provided links to detailed articles addressing the specific situations listed above and I’ve prepared two online e-courses.  


    Additional Articles and Resources





    And for an in-depth workshop, check out my 14 unit self-paced course:


    In considering your Baby's lifelong health, these 10 Important Facts About Your Baby's Sleep are a must read!



    P.S. Please share – what sleep schedule works for you? 


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