3 Food Dilemmas ~ Solved

Posted on Jun 22, 2013

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3 Food Dilemmas Solved


We’ve all experienced the FOOD DILEMMA. 


Not sure what I mean?  Any of these scenarios ring a bell?


  1. We’re missing that key ingredient for dinner. 

  2. We don’t want the extra berries we bought on sale to go to waste. 

  3. We have one hour till dinner, and we forgot to thaw the chicken. 


We’ll tackle at least one of the aforementioned in this post, namely, Food Dilemma #2.  Why not #1 or #3?  Well, if we’re missing a key ingredient for dinner I think we can presume we need a substitute ingredient or we make something else. And if we forgot to thaw the chicken, I think we can all determine how to thaw the chicken (in a pan of water, perhaps?) or cook the chicken longer, or again we make something else.  


Food Dilemma #2 is a common issue during the Spring / Summer when all the yummy fruits and veggies are out in full force at the local Farmer’s Market.  What is the best way to freeze them if you get a little over exuberant while shopping?  This is a two-fold answer as the process for freezing vegetables will many times vary from freezing fruits. Then you have to consider the best way to thaw the fruits and vegetables when you’re ready to eat them.  


It’s 3 Food Dilemmas in one.  So all in all, follow these quick tips and 3 Food Dilemmas ~ Solved!


I’ve also thrown in an extra tidbit that I recently read, and only wish I’d learned sooner. 


Freezing Vegetables


  •  Wash with a fruit and vegetable spray
  • Blanch them in boiling water
  • Submerge them in ice water or the retained heat from blanching will cook them
  • Dry completely – the suggestion here is to place them on a towel lined baking sheet
  • Divvy up into portions for easy thawing and later usability
  • Pack tightly in an air tight container or heavy-duty freezer bag


Freezing Fruit


  •  Wash with a fruit and vegetable spray
  • Dry completely ~the suggestion here is to place them on a towel lined baking sheet
  • Divvy up into portions for easy thawing and later usability
  • Keep fruit on the baking sheet ~minus paper towel~ place in freezer for 1 hour
  • Remove from freezer, quickly pack in an air tight container or heavy-duty freezer bag
FURTHER TIP HERETip for fruits that brown, (i.e. apples, peaches, etc): get powdered Vitamin C either at the health food store or drug store, mix ½ tsp of powder with 3 Tbsp of water, spray fruit with this ascorbic acid wash.





  • For vegetables, all but corn can go directly from freezer to stove top.
  • For fruit, room temperature is best.
FURTHER TIP HERETip for berries, (i.e. strawberries, raspberries, etc) eat before thawing completely or they’ll be mushy.



Now for my promised extra tidbit.  Avocados.


Our family loves avocados.  My 1-year-old would eat an entire avocado at one sitting if I let her.  🙂  We especially love guacamole; the dilemma arises when said avocado is as hard as the pit inside of it, and dinner is on the table in thirty.  Well, I recently read about this wonderful trick from California avocado grower, Carol Steed, and I’m sure I’ll be trying it this week:


 What You’ll Need

2 peeled and pitted avocados

1 cup of fresh peas (if frozen, thaw first)

1 blender with a pulse setting


Instructions: Place ingredients in the blender, then pulse till smooth. The peas help soften the unripe avocados without affecting the flavor, YAY!


And before you go into freezing mode (of fruits and veggies that is), you might find it helpful to consider 10 Musts to Maintain Your Refrigerator.  You don’t want your fridge to go on the fritz right when you have yummy fruits and vegetables to freeze.


3 Food Dilemmas Solved - Tips on Freezing & Thawing Fruits & Vegetables, and ripening avocados




P.S. So what food dilemmas do you have quick fixes for?


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