6 Ways You Can Save at Target With A REDcard

Posted on Apr 1, 2015

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 6 Ways To Save At Target With A REDcard


I don’t like gimmicks. I don’t like to sign-up for unnecessary credit cards just to save a couple dollars. You may think, as I did that Target’s REDcard falls into that category. So you may now wonder why would I tell you about Target’s REDcard?  Good Question.  Let me see if I can answer that for you.

As much as I love Target, I didn’t get my own REDcard until about 6 months ago.  And I’d wish I’d done it sooner!  It’s a free, no fee card with no hidden gimmicks, and lots of no-brainer benefits.

Just this week, I went there for a couple clothing items and some groceries.  I don’t usually shop at Target for food, but if you have to go anyway, check out their Simply Balanced or Market Pantry items.  Many times you can get them for cheaper than identical items at your local grocery.



Anyhoo, I digress. Back to the value of the REDcard – at checkout I saved an additional $27 right then and there by paying with that card.  No coupons, no rebates.  Although if you pair your shopping experience with Target’s Cartwheel app you can really see the savings add up ( I just suggest you check the offers on Cartwheel before you shop so you don’t miss the savings).  Oops, I digress again. 🙂

So again why do I like my Target REDcard, and why do I recommend one?  Let me count the ways:


6 Ways You Can Save at Target With A REDcard


  • SAVE MONEY:  5% off every day no matter the purchase 
  • SAVE MONEY:  Free shipping at Target.com (no minimum purchase)
  • SAVE MONEY:  Extended returns — 30 extra days
  • SAVE MONEY:  Up to 1% of purchases go to school of your choice
  • SAVE TIME:  The online application process for debit and credit has immediate approval (except for some debit applications that require a few days to confirm a bank account), not to mention that you can choose whether you want the debit card or no annual fee credit card.
  • SAVE TIME:  REDcard holders can easily check their credit card account balance, make a payment, review past statements, check their debit card transaction history and manage their PIN. They also get to enjoy exclusive offers available only to REDcard holders.



To get your own Target REDcard, you can sign-up by clicking any of the Target banners in this post or here.


Happy Shopping!


6 Ways To Save At Target With A REDcard





P.S. What’s your favorite money saving card or app?


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