7 Natural Cures for Pinkeye

Posted By Tiffany on Sep 12, 2014

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Pinkeye is common; it also easy to treat at home.  


I’ve provided medical information and treatments and for those who prefer natural remedies, there are 7 natural cures for pinkeye provided.


Again, pinkeye is fairly common yet seemingly newsworthy.  We all remember how NBC’s prime-time Olympics host, Bob Costas’, double infection received as much hype as the 2014 Winter Olympics themselves.  The poor guy had to take a six-day absence after contracting viral pinkeye.

However, my household hasn’t been a statistic till a couple months ago.  I’ve never had pinkeye, and in my entire life I’ve only been around three people who’ve had an active pinkeye infection.  Recently though, both my daughters contracted pinkeye as well as five or so other individuals in our circle of friends.  This prompted me to research causes, symptoms, remedies and the like.

While many of you may be able to diagnose pinkeye from a mile away, in the interest of being thorough, I’ll go ahead and lay it all out in detail here.  I will also list natural remedies that are sworn by to work quickly.  I can personally vouch for #3 in the list. 

So here we go:

Pinkeye (also known as conjunctivitis) is defined by redness, swelling, and itching of the mucous membrane that lines the eyelid and eye surface. There are four types of pinkeye.  Two types are highly contagious.  This chart provides an easy reference.



Bacterial Pinkeye
Viral Pinkeye
Chemical Conjunctivitus
Allergen based Pinkeye

 Thick Yellow, Greenish Gray causing eyelashes to stick together
Clear and Watery or White
2-4 days with treatment / 7-10 days without treatment
7-10 days
Until Chemical Agent Removed
Until Allergen Removed
Further Symptoms
 Swelling of Upper Eyelid
Swelling of Eyelids
Medical Treatment
 Antibiotic Drops, Ointment or Pills
Washing of Eye, and Doctor Visit if Pain or Blurred Vision Occurs

If you suffer from either viral or bacterial pinkeye, given the highly contagious nature of the infection, you’ll want to treat both eyes as it can quickly spread from one eye to the other.

If you can’t determine whether it’s viral or bacterial, you just know its red, swollen and “goopy” as we say in our house, you can still use one of the natural remedies below.

If you are unsure of the presence of an actual infection (i.e. it’s an injury to the eye itself), it is recommended you don’t attempt a home remedy prior to seeking medical attention.


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