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Hi!  If you’re visiting this page after subscribing, then a heartfelt thank~you is in order!  I thought you might appreciate getting to know a little more about the person behind Mommy Methodology.

I’m Tiffany and I’m a homeschooling Mom, writer & compulsive researcher attempting to find both healthy lifestyle methods and natural parenting methods while still tackling information overload, and living with chronic illness.

Below are random facts about me so you can connect with me in that picture to the left ~ or these below



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  1. I’ve been married for 21 years
  2. I swam with a Manatee on my honeymoon
  3. I’ve moved over 35 times
  4. I’ve lived in 7 states
  5. I got pregnant the first time at age 38
  6. I have two kids
  7. My two children were born natural (without pain meds)
  8. I’ve had two miscarriages
  9. I’m an INFJ (Meyer’s Brigg Personality Type)
  10. I love to read
  11. I love to write
  12. I’ve been writing since I was eight
  13. I enjoy the process of interior design
  14. I love horses
  15. I’m a sucker for all animals
  16. I like to camp
  17. I like to hike
  18. I’m ok with my husband fishing offshore on his jet ski
  19. I strongly dislike fishing, but will sit with my husband while he goes beach fishing
  20. Fall is my favorite season
  21. I love the mountains
  22. And the ocean
  23. I don’t care for roses; I prefer tulips
  24. Music is my ‘drug of choice’ to get me out of a funk
  25. I enjoy writing poetry and song lyrics
  26. I’ve always regretted not taking piano lessons
  27. I took drama and choir in high-school to overcome shyness
  28. I graduated high-school in the biggest class in the state of Texas
  29. I took 3 years of writing
  30. I’m writing a children’s book
  31. I didn’t like coffee till I was 23, now I can’t live without it
  32. I dislike cooking, but I do it out of love for my family
  33. I’m no good at couponing
  34. I wish I had a minivan
  35. I don’t have a passport, yet…
  36. I dream of visiting Ireland
  37. Grace is NOT my middle name; I’m extremely clumsy
  38. I broke my collar-bone at the age of 5 falling out of my bunk bed
  39. I was home-schooled for two years during middle school
  40. My favorite color is purple
  41. My second favorite color is gold
  42. The prior two color choices made my mom fearful that I’d be a little loose in my choice of employment growing up (her fear, not mine)
  43. I have Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  44. I have Fibromyalgia
  45. I overcame Graves and am now cured
  46. Pilates is my favorite exercise
  47. I used to work in Mortgage Loss Mitigation; I enjoyed being able to help people in need
  48. Pumpkin Pie is my favorite dessert
  49. I’m teaching myself ASL (American Sign Language)
  50. I’m claustrophobic
  51. My girls and I share being prone to extreme crabbiness when hungry
  52. I worry that I’m not a good wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter, person


Thanks for letting me share. 🙂

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