What is Mommy Methodology all about?

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The Creation of Mommy Methodology


 Mommy Methodology, noun:  A system of broad principles, practices, or procedures from which specific methods may be derived to interpret or solve different issues within the scope of motherhood.

We all have our own method of parenting, managing our careers, our finances, our homes, our lives.  We probably even research to perfect our method.  Sometimes, our research leads to information overload to mass mayhem and confusion . . . maybe a little PTSD?  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could sort through the madness to reveal the method that suits us best?

This site came about due to my innate need to research.  I research, and research, and research some more before I make a choice.  Maddening right?  My husband would agree with you.  But how else would I know the best car seat on a budget?  How else would I know if I should rent or buy a home?  How else would I know if it’s crazy to have a first baby at 38 (or not)?  And I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to find a site of abundant research compiled in one handy spot, and save myself time!  So I did it for you.  After all, beautifully organized knowledge leads to a beautifully organized life (or so I’ve heard) 🙂

Mommy Methodology is a lifestyle / parenting blog.  I’m dedicated to helping you find information and recommendations for:

So you’ll find tips galore – from vaccination charts to finding a job you love – from budgeting your finances to organizing your garage – from traveling with the little ones to romantic get-away’s for two . . . the list goes on!  I can’t make the big choices for you.  But then you don’t really want me to anyway, right?  However, I can help you feel informed in the choices you make; help you concentrate on your method by providing a  better filter to sort through the madness that is information overload ~ “Overmation”, and save you time in the process. 


Who’s Behind Mommy Methodology?


As I mentioned in the introduction, I’m an avid reader and a keen researcher with a bent toward organizing.

I’ve enjoyed writing since childhood.  So I’m so excited to have a venue that allows me to use all my quirks. 🙂

I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio.  I now live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my husband and two little girls.  It took about 35 moves, including a couple of coast-to-coast relocations to finally settle in North Carolina!

Learn more about me along the way; we’ll take the journey together.  And find out some more fun facts about me.  You’ll notice there are not yet articles to fill all the categories, visit often to see what I post in all those topics.

If you ever have an idea, topic or product you’d like researched, just Email Me!


Successfully manage your method for living with Mommy Methodology – the ultimate guidebook and toolbox for today’s parent.


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