A Miracle Hair Styling Powder!

Posted on Feb 14, 2015

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Today, I’m going to talk about a beauty product.  This is not a topic a generally write about, and I’m not receiving any sort of compensation.  I simply love this product, and want to share the love!


Who doesn’t appreciate a good beauty product when they find it?  What if I told you this product not only works, it’s healthy too? Well, now we have a real winner!

What’s the product that has me twitterpated?  It’s PUSH, a styling powder by Surface.  It is a light, natural matte powder that provides texture, volume, and control for your hair.  It is gluten free, paraben free and 100% vegan.


Surface QUOTE (1)


My funny and talented hair stylist quoted above, introduced me to this product.  I like volume in my hair {I’m a southern girl at heart}, but my hair is fine so it is sometimes difficult to achieve the volume I want without weighing down my hair.  When Shana sprinkled a light dusting on my hair, my first thought was, “Yeah right, that’s not going to work!”

Three days later, my hair looked as good as it did the day she styled it, this was after brushing it, and sleeping on it.  It wasn’t greasy.  It wasn’t a helmet.  I still can’t believe that I was able to go 2-3 days without washing either; I normally have to wash my hair at least every other day.  Just a sprinkle of this powder at the root created instant volume, and texture without greasiness.




In the picture to the right, Shana used Surface PUSH styling powder ~


Shana said she’s created texture using this product on both long and short hair.

Surface QUOTE 2


If you have fine hair too, but are hesitant to try a hair powder, Shana also suggests Bed Head Sugar Dust.  And for those who want an alternative to washing their hair daily, she suggests Sebastian Dry Clean Only.  It’s an aerosol dry shampoo that adds soft texture, hold, and body.

You can see these and other products on her Marketplace.  And for more information on her Salon check out her Facebook page.


Please share, what is your ‘go-to’ beauty product?






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