Congratulations! After 9+ months you’ve finally met your little bundle of joy. You’re ready to settle into your new “normal” only that new normal feels utterly chaotic. How can you seamlessly transition from a crying newborn to an engaging, smiling 4-month-old?  It’s called a perfect Fourth Trimester.  The Fourth Trimester: Yes, It Does Exist! Let’s discuss what it is, how it...

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7 Must Read Books for Expecting Moms

    I’m a book lover. And I research topics to no end when I want to make sure to have accurate information. As a mom, I’ve found certain books to be lifesavers for certain seasons of motherhood.   The following list of 7 books are a must read for any expecting moms, whether it’s her first or her umpteenth baby.   I’m going to present each book in a sequential order. So consider reading book...

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