Night-time routines including games and reading to sleep tips and schedules for the littles.

    What are Vital Day & Night sleep needs from Infancy to Preteen?   You know children need more sleep than adults, but do you wonder how much sleep your infant needs compared to your five-year-old?  You’ve come to the right place.  I’ve provided a sleep chart outlining the sleep needs of your child from infancy to preteen.  In addition, you’ll find very informative tips to help...

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      These 10 Important Facts about your Baby’s Sleep are a must read when considering their long-term health.   Any Parent of a new baby knows that sleep for everyone in the household is necessary yet in those first few weeks or even months it can seem elusive.  A tired parent does not have time or energy to cull through endless sleep sights on the web to find an answer.    I’ve...

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