Vaccination requirements, charts, benefits and draw-backs for babies and children alike.

    The Great Debate   Vaccination is an ongoing topic of debate and controversy. How can you make an enlightened decision about vaccines when there are medical doctors on both sides of the issue, each with their own body of proof to support their statements?   For instance, aluminum and mercury are found in trace amounts in vaccines. (a side point here, vaccine manufacturers are not legally required to list every ingredient, trace...

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Find The Right Vaccination Schedule

     “Oh No, It’s Time To Vaccinate!  Now What?”   Have those words crossed your mind?  What is the right Vaccination schedule for your family?     Some parents don’t want immunizations at all.  Some parents want to follow the exact recommendation of their Doctor.  Some parents would like to find a middle ground when it comes to immunizations.    I’m not advocating any particular method.  I do suggest...

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