Day 10 Method: I Words

Posted on Oct 10, 2015

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Now that I’m homeschooling, I’m always looking for good teaching tools. Since my girls are currently 3 & 5 years of age, I still get good use out of I also use supplemental materials such as books for Math, Language Arts, Science, Geography and even Social Skills. I still utilize teaching apps. And from time to time I look online for activity pages the girls can draw on or color as they are learning.


I’ve found that activity sheets for word recognition are a particularly good transitioning tool from PreSchool to Kindergarten. It didn’t take long for me to discover there are not many words that begin with the letter I for this age group which in turn limits the activity sheets available.


So let’s make that the letter of the day:




for I Words


I decided to design some activity sheets myself. I may turn some of these into coloring sheets as well. I am making them available today to subscribers for FREE to download and print.  Please, no comments on the Indian though. I realize that may not be considered PC. 🙂  However, a Native American Indian IS legitimate. Further, there are hardly any I words; I really am limited!




This post is Day 10 in a series called 31 Days of Methods In Madness. To read all the articles click here.


P.S. Do you know any other I words I can include?


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