10 Sign Language Learning Tools For Kids

Posted on Dec 5, 2015

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10 ASL Learning Tools for Kids


I’m a huge proponent of baby sign language! I’ve written about it before and the tremendous asset that Signing Time videos are in teaching children to sign in ASL. I started to sign with my girls around 6 months of age. It was wonderful to have that form of communication with them!




I’ve compiled a list of 10 ASL Learning Tools for kids that I’ve used and recommend:



Baby Signing Time Volume 1 DVD


























  1. ASL American Sign Language Flash Cards App

  2. Baby Signing Time DVD or Amazon Instant Video

  3. Sign and Sing Along: Itsy Bitsy Spider

  4. Carson-Dellosa Publishing Sign Language

  5. Getting Ready (Sign about)

  6. Meal Time (Sign About)

  7. Going Out (Sign about)

  8. Play Time (Sign about)

  9. Sign Language: My First 100 Words

  10. Sign Language Alphabet Placemat




Per Two Little Hands Productions, the benefits of teaching ASL to babies are numerous. Some of the reasons enumerated on their site, reasons that I chose to begin sign language early are as follow:


“Teaching your baby sign language can unlock the world around them and give their minds a head start.


    • Open a window to your child’s heart & mind

    • Reduce tantrums & increase bonding

    • Build vocabulary & instill confidence

    • Cognitive benefits of being bilingual”


    The infographic below highlights some of the advantages to teaching your baby or child to sign.


    baby sign language infographic



    Find more ASL learning resources here:


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    Excellent Resource: 10 ASL Learning Tools For Kids & #infographic detailing benefits of signing with ALL children




    P.S. Do You Use Sign Language In Your Family?


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