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Posted on Dec 19, 2015

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Victor the Van Kindergarten Vocabulary Word Story and Coloring Book by Tiffany of Mommy Methodology


As a writer and homeschooling mom of a kindergartener, I’ve wanted to write a pre-k to 1st-grade vocabulary word laced short story. I wanted to include coloring pages to correspond to the key vocabulary words.


I finally did just that about a character of sorts named Victor! In a fun, playful way, the story emphasizes words that start with the letter V.


V for Victor the Van


Below is a preview of some of the coloring pages. Subscribers will have access to the vocabulary word short story in addition to the coloring pages.


Coloring pages emphasize key vocabulary words found in the story as well as teach through visualization and repetition the meaning of the words. Included is a map page which highlights geography associated with the story.  


You can download the entire story along with the coloring pages for FREE as a new subscriber, here!

Already a subscriber? Use your case sensitive password in this link to download the story and coloring pages from the library list.



V for Victor is a fun, playful, vocabulary word story for Pre-K thru 1st-grade levels. Download for FREE the story & 5 corresponding story coloring pages!


Download the entire story along with the coloring pages for FREE as a new subscriber!


Keep on the lookout for more great alphabet inspired stories! I’m almost completed Volume 1 to include the letters A – G. 


Let me know if you want first notification of Volume 1’s completion, by email


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