How To Make Time For A Better You!

Posted on Jan 9, 2016

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Why do we as Moms tend to neglect ourselves?  Why do we feel guilty when we take personal time – or even just contemplate taking time for ourselves? At a place of business, a scheduled break is mandatory, right? Could we do the same for ourselves?



The new year is traditionally a time for resolutions and improvements.  Today, let’s discuss how to resolve to make time for ourselves in order to be a better you {mom}. 


I find it difficult as a mom to make time for myself.  Do you?


When my girls were babies, I used their nap time to recharge. As they got older, I used their quiet time for myself. However, all too quickly, that etched out time slot became a frenzied time of getting my to-do list checked off.


At other times, due to living with chronic illness, I napped along with my girls. While my body needed that nap, it wasn’t what I had in mind when I envisioned renewing my mind, body and spirit.


So how do you make “You Time”?


How To Make Time For A Better You | The new year is traditionally a time for resolutions and improvements. Let's resolve how to make time for ourselves in order to be a better us {mom}.


The Importance of Personal Time


Personal time, taking time for you, is not self-indulgent. It is needed to energize and recharge. The consensus is that a dose of the outdoors away from the office environment is healthy, beneficial, and increases job productivity. Research has shown the crucial nature of breaks to our brain’s capacity to function fully.


So I ask you, is there a more remarkable job than raising happy children? Moms should view recharging as mandatory and crucial in achieving the highest level of personal performance as a parent. Don’t put off your happy life – or your child’s – Take you time, make time for a better you!


How To Ideas for Personal Time


The first way we can address personal time is by looking at the needs of mind, body, and spirit. 




While we want to give ourselves a break from the day-to-day activities, we can still engage our brains in a healthy way. There’re games to play if that’s something you enjoy. You could read a book, explore a new hobby, maybe learn a new language. Or it may be as simple as connecting with a friend over coffee or on the telephone.  The key is to take the time to focus on you, my friend, just you.




Exercise is proven to nourish the body. Intense exercise for 15 minutes or less intense for 30 minutes just three times per week is good in combating unnecessary weight. However, we’re referring to scheduled daily personal time. So in addition to the pulse-pounding workouts three times a week, take some time for deep breathing, calming walks or singing in the shower. 🙂




It is true that giving to others is rewarding. Now you may be saying to yourself, isn’t that what I do at work all day – give to my boss? Isn’t that what I do for my kids all day – let their needs come first? 

True, though giving in those situations is not always enjoyable. We can regain our joy in giving and teach our children appreciation in the process. But giving of our time or resources to something we feel passionate about that is where the renewing of our spirit occurs. And if it’s the desire to spend play time with your kids, to show them love in creative ways – then do that!


Momma, just remember, build breaks into your daily life, we don’t want you to experience burn-out. If you need some excellent ideas on ways to live life to the fullest, take a look at this bucket list. Maybe you’ll be inspired to remember if you print off the art graphic below to place where you’ll see it throughout the day.  Already a subscriber? Use your case sensitive password in this link to download the art graphic from the library list.


coffee break art graphic on Mommy Methodology | How To Make Time For A Better You



P.S. How Do You Find Time For Yourself?


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