Day 31 Method: The End

Posted on Oct 31, 2015

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31 Days of Methods In Madness Day 31 The End


Today is day 31 and the end of a series called 31 Days of Methods In Madness. I accepted the 31-day writing challenge originated by home blogger, Myquillyn Smith (The Nester), and now hosted by Crystal Stine, and I successfully conquered it!


I completed my organizational method of writing articles – the alphabet from A to Z. To read all the articles click here. Then I wrapped up the series with some bonus material featuring various methods in madness. You’ve be inundated with my methods. 🙂


Thank You!


Primarily, that is what I wanted to convey in my post today – a heartfelt gratitude to YOU, the reader. I appreciate you following along and supporting me on this journey.  And I want to sum up what I feel I’ve learned through this experience; it has indeed been a journey for me.


I almost didn’t accept the challenge. I have a busy schedule. I have limited energy. As a homeschooling mom of two littles, I wanted to make sure their education didn’t suffer. I wanted to make sure I had time and energy for my husband. I still needed to take care of other work and home related tasks. This challenge was a huge undertaking. 


Part of me is relieved it is over. Part of me is sad it is over. I’m tired, oh yes am I tired. I will be happy to go back to one post a week. But it was nice to have a goal set before me and the liberty afforded me to write with a little more abandon. I enjoy writing. Sometimes, though, all the research involved in doing due diligence and making sure that every tip I share with you is accurate, is more restrictive than I’d like.


What do I mean? I discovered my enthusiasm and passion for fiction has not died. I discovered that I really do want to write at least one children’s book. V for Victor was the turning point for me. I enjoyed that writing day so much. I want to continue that experience.


In keeping with my site’s  methodology:


Beautifully Organized Knowledge Leads To A Beautifully Organized Life.


I will first write a series of short educational stories for pre-k to kindergarten, based on letters of the alphabet along with coloring pages – much as I did with V for Victor. Afterward, I want to expand on the characters and write a full-fledged illustrated children’s book based on the favorites. I’ll need your help there; you’ll need to give me your vote. I’m excited to get started just talking about it! Stay tuned…this is only the end for now. 🙂


This post is day 31 in a series called 31 Days of Methods in Madness. To read all the articles, click here.



P.S. Thanks Again!



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