Day 9 Method: Humor

Posted on Oct 9, 2015

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Today is Friday.  On the social media carousel, it is considered a day for posting humorous topics, slap-stick humor or anything to make the day fun.  It is after all #fridayfunday.


The letter of the day is:




for Humor


And today’s topic is how to improve our humor.  Having a good sense of humor relieves stress, is a pain management skill, and just all around makes you a more enjoyable person to be with.  So is there a method to improve humor?


Some may laugh at others, memorize a joke book, look for the humor in a situation or even just make an attempt to exercise their laugh lines every day.  🙂 


Here is my numero uno proven method for humor: LEARN TO LAUGH AT YOURSELF


31 Days of Methods in Madness - Day 9 Method: Humor - Find out the best way to improve your humor and your health - #write31days

Case in Point ~

The other night, my husband and I were watching a movie.  In the movie, the hero explained to the father the reason he knew he loved the heroine, his reason: “Nothing makes sense without her.”  Sweet right?


Well, my husband looks at me, takes my hand, and says: “At least I have that in common with him – Nothing makes sense about you.”  hahaha….


My husband mistook the words in the movie.  


Rather than becoming offended, I took his little joke in stride. I admitted that nothing much makes sense about me to my husband, he had a right to find that funny, and better yet he got the words wrong.


Because I found humor in laughing at myself, we both chuckled over that one for the entire evening.  I will never forget that movie or what is now a special moment!


This post is Day 9 in a series called 31 Days of Methods In Madness. To read all the articles click here.


P.S. What Is Your Funniest Moment Of Laughing At Yourself?


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