A Fun Bedtime Rhyming Game

Posted on Aug 15, 2014

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Hi, Friends!   Here are a few free, fun bedtime rhyming game printables for you.


This is a great activity for your baby or preschooler.  It’ll look cute in their room too!


I like to sing a short lullaby to my girls at bedtime. I’m sure you do too! Well, lately they’ve been getting a kick out this fun bedtime rhyming game I made up. For us, it’s a sweet kissing game, but you can make it a hugging game or tickling game… it’s up to your imagination!  I decided to make a free printable for you so you can share in the fun.


I’ve shared my game below.  Links to the free printables are available as well.  ou can choose from a blue, pink, gray or white print on a gender neutral yellow background.  


During their bedtime routine, I sing this little ditty interspersed with lots of kisses. I get giggles and grins in return. 🙂


  • I love you! ~ (kiss your baby’s cheek)


  • See you when the day is new. ~ (kiss your baby’s other cheek)


  • Guess What? ~ (tickle your baby’s tummy)


  • I love you some more. ~ (kiss your baby’s forehead)


  • It’s you I adore! ~ (kiss the tip of your baby’s nose)


  • End with a big hug.



I hope you enjoy! Since this is copyrighted material, all I ask is please don’t recreate, and remember it’s only for personal use, no commercial use or distribution.



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You can add one of these books from the Comprehensive Children’s Reading List to your bedtime reading routine too.



P.S. What fun songs or games do your little ones like?  


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