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Hi, there!

Allow me to give a brief introduction to this site, and the person behind Mommy Methodology.

Who’s Behind Mommy Methodology?

I’m Tiffany, the Creator of Mommy Methodology.

I’m an avid reader, a keen researcher with a bent toward organizing, and I’ve enjoyed writing since childhood. So the creation of this blog seemed a natural metamorphosis. I’m so excited to have a venue that allows me to use all my quirks. 🙂

I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio.  I now live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my husband and two little girls.  It took about 35 moves, including a couple of coast-to-coast relocations to finally settle in North Carolina!

Learn more about me along the way; we’ll take the journey together.  And find out some more fun facts about me.

What’s Mommy Methodology?

This is a lifestyle / parenting blog written by a compulsive researcher attempting to find both healthy lifestyle methods and natural parenting methods while still tackling information overload. My aim is to provide a well-researched, informative site dedicated to tips and recommendations for health, home, parenting and schooling all in one easy and fun to read site. I want to provide a better filter to sort through what I like to call “overmation”.

Please peruse the site and posts as you would your favorite bookstore. You’ll find there are multiple, unique, and easy methods for discovering a topic of interest.

Successfully manage your method for living with Mommy Methodology – the ultimate guidebook and toolbox for today’s parent.

Enjoy & Stay Awhile.



Ready to Browse? Here’s a quick-start guide:

The Contents, similar to a table of contents, gives you the ability to access articles quickly by category including a few of my Series ~ Are you interested in the 15 part series ~ The Ultimate Movers Guide?

The Preface is the more traditional ‘About This Site‘ page, as well as giving you a link to 52 random facts about me – curious? Come see what I mean.  Additionally, you can view my Disclosure and Health & Well-Being Disclaimer as well as my Privacy Policy.

The Method Journal is a traditional blog page. Each post is organized into 1 of approximately 4 main categories:

Within each of these 4 main categories, you will find posts covering a variety of topics like sleep schedules, vaccination charts, discipline, home maintenance, family fun, natural wellness, personal time, and more!

The Afterwords sums up the site with a method to contact me, subscribe & connect on social media as well as view latest posts, most popular posts, and archives.

The Appendices covers topics out of the norm: My recommended reading through in-depth book reviews, my recommended product lists, giveaways I think are awesome, and a link to my online store. If you are in the process of doing some on-line shopping, please consider doing so through this Amazon link or my online store, any small commission I receive goes toward providing free content to you on this site.  Thanks so very much!

The Subscriber Library is filled with resources in the form of printable PDF’s. Subscribers can access these via private password for FREE; new printables are added often!

Featured Writing is a list of where I currently contribute.  You’ll find links to articles not in syndication as well as some that are syndicated on other sites.

In Books, you can find The Alphabet Diaries | Volume 1 is my first official children’s book. I’ve compiled in Vol. 1 a list of vocabulary words from A-G for the pre-k to 1st-grade kiddos along with an original story showcasing each of those vocabulary words, and coloring pages to correspond. As a writer and homeschooling mom, I wanted to help increase the love and ease of reading with a unique reading series. Volumes 2-4 are in the works!

Under Courses, there is two workshops. Cloud 9 Baby P.L.A.N.S Method is a 14-unit, self-paced email training course, a roadmap, that emphasizes the proper amount and type of activity, nutrition, and sleep, based on age group, to help your baby be on Cloud 9. Happy Babies play and learn through the right activities, the proper nutrition and adequate, restful sleep. Baby Nap Needs is


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