Method Series

Multiple Running Series

Sunday & Southern Monthly ~

Southern colloquialisms to educate and humor.  Bring a little southern charm, grace & humor to your life with this well researched monthly post describing a favored Southern colloquialism.




The Ultimate Movers Guide ~ 15 Part Series

Everything you’ll ever need to know about moving, written by an expert with 32+ moves under her belt.

This series is still a work in progress ~ Check back for updates!


Coming Soon:

  • Use Them, Don’t Lose Them – Using Full Service Movers

  • Moving: To Drive or Not to Drive? That is the Question

  • Calling the Total DIY Movers! Your Guide to Doing it Right

  • Traverse Your Long Distance Move in 12 Simple Steps

  • Need New Neighbors? Making the Move with Ease

  • Moving into Your New House – What to Know

  • Targeted Tips for Apartment Dwellers

  • Don’t Put Baby in a Corner, Move Her

  • Top 5 Considerations when Moving your Car



5 Favorite Finds

In 2014 I presented a monthly series for the month’s of July – December.  I introduced 5 of my favorite finds every month.  I reviewed only products I use and love, from household products to health supplements to schooling products and more!


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