September’s 5 Favorite Finds for 2014

Posted By Tiffany on Sep 27, 2014

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Favorite 5's



I'm Back With An All New Post In My Favorite 5's Series!


Come see what I've found for September.


For the month of September I want to share with you some of my most favorite Back to School finds.  I've shared a few of my favorite preschooling "helps".

Again, you can be sure I've only highlighted items that I have used and am excited about!


So without further ado, here are September's 5 Favorite Finds for 2014


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ABC Mouse.Com 

This month I decided to start my oldest daughter in a pre-school / pre-k curriculum course.  I've enjoyed since she was 3; now that they've expanded their educational activities to include Kindergarten, I knew I wanted this to be our primary course curriculum.  An added benefit, you can have up to 3 children on one plan ~ each set up on their individualized academic level!

They offer a full online curriculum in reading, math, beginning science, social studies, art, and music with access to over 3,000 individual learning activities-from online books and games to original songs, puzzles, art activities, and printables. Additionally, offers mobile apps that include interactive books, educational games, and more.  Below are two great offers:


Signing Time

Signing Time Homeschool Bundle


Signing Time ~ Two Little Hands Productions 

I started signing with my children from infancy.  I used books, dvd's, apps...whatever I could find.  I'd been exposed to ASL as a young child but was far from proficient.  Once I discovered Signing Time dvd's, a whole new world opened up to us.  Rachel Coleman (mom and host) of the Signing Time series does such an outstanding job of presenting ASL and makes it easy to retain.

The following are just a few reasons I started signing and continue to expand their ASL vocabulary as their second language curriculum:

  • Reduces tantrums & increases bonding
  • Builds vocabulary & instills confidence
  • Multiple cognitive and memory benefits of being bilingual
  • Studies have  shown that hearing children who are taught sign language as a part of their reading instruction score higher on standardized reading tests. 1
  • One study showed that babies who learned and used signs scored an average of 12 points higher on IQ tests than their peers.

The Baby Signing Time DVD Collection is a wonderful option for 0-3 (or if you're new to ASL).  The dvd's for 3-8 year olds and most especially pre-schoolers is nearly endless.  Here are a few of my favorites though ~

  1. Signing Time Volume 5:ABC Signs DVD;
  2. Practice Time 123s Level One by Signing Time!;
  3. Signing Time Volume 4: Family, Feelings & Fun DVD;
  4. Signing Time Volume 6: My Favorite Things DVD;
  5. Signing Time! Volume 7: Leah's Farm;
  6. Signing Time Volume 8: The Great Outdoors

3.Comprehensive Curriculum workbook2


Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Grade P

I like that this is a comprehensive book.  A developmental checklist is included so you can be sure that your 3 and 4 year old are on track with their basic skills.  Reading, Writing & Mathematics early skills activities are included (the good 'ol 3 R's).  Colors, Shapes, Sizes, Same or Different, Opposites, Go-togethers are covered as well.  When it says comprehensive it means it!  True, it's a print book; but we can't forget a child's need to learn how to use a pencil in addition to a computer mouse or tablet.


LeapFrog pre-k learning kit


LeapFrog The Complete Preschool Learning Kit

LeapFrog products can be wonderful learning tools.  I don't think all their products are created equal ~ some videos are better than others and so forth, but overall it's a pretty reliable learning source.  This kit covers the basics with numbers, writing, colors, shapes, and even early reading.  

Little ones like variety to keep learning fun so I've found that having different learning tools is very beneficial.  This kit provides wipe off workbooks, print workbooks, and flashcards.


Brain Quest prek workbook


Brain Quest Workbook: Pre-K

This is another print workbook.  It too is comprehensive, and if you are trying to go the home school route there is the added benefit of an entire year of activities set out for you.  The curriculum lines up with common core standards.  It includes lessons in social studies and science.  Last but not least, there is a Brain Quest workbook available for consecutive grade levels, allowing you to be consistent in course structure.  I believe Amazon provides the workbooks thru grade 6.

Additionally, for a quick mind challenge there is Brain Quest Preschool: 300 Questions and Answers ~ to Get a Smart Start (deck) flashcard decks.  These too are available through future grade levels; I found them thru grade 7.


I hope you benefit from these educational products as we have, and it helps your child to find fun in learning!  Be sure to check back next month to see what exciting products I've found. 





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