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Posted on Nov 17, 2014

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What does the South mean to you?  Perhaps …


Southern Hospitality

Stately Plantations

Magnolia Blossoms

Spanish Ivy

Cotton Fields

Gone With The Wind


I think of all the above.  I also think of southern sayings or  colloquialisms that are so unique to the South.


When you talk, you may not be aware you are using colloquialisms, they are so common.   It’s sometimes difficult to explain the meaning  of one though, and it’ll probably seem silly when you do.


Of course these expressions vary by region.  I think southern colloquialisms are especially charming.  I don’t think people in the South can talk without using one.


I’ve lived in the south for 30 years now.  Does that make me a Southerner?  Well, I realized just how much these expressions are a part of my everyday speech. Once I had children, and they started talking, then they started imitating my expressions.


So just what is a col·lo·qui·al·ism?




adjective \kə-ˈlō-kwē-əl\
  • used when people are speaking in an informal way
  • using an informal style



Full Definition of COLLOQUIAL 


  1. of or relating to conversation :  conversational
  2. used in or characteristic of familiar and informal conversation; also :  unacceptably informal
  3. using conversational style


colloquial noun
col·lo·qui·al·i·ty  noun
col·lo·qui·al·ly  adverb

A saying that expresses something other than the literal meaning of the words it contains is a colloquialism, like saying “I wasn’t born yesterday,” to mean “you can’t fool me.”


I wanted to bring a little southern charm, grace, and humor to you once a month with a post describing a colloquialism unique to the South.  In honor of my children, my first post in this monthly series is one we use multiple times a day ~ 


Whoopsy Daisy?


Definition:  Whoopsy Daisy ~  Uh, Oh.  Oops.  Accident.  


Tune in next month {in a month of Sundays 😉 }  for the next installment of Sunday & Southern Monthly.  You’ll read about another silly southern saying.


Thanks for reading!  Hurry on back now, ya hear?


Bring a little southern charm, grace & humor to your life with this monthly post describing a uniquely Southern colloquialism. Issue 1 is dedicated to my girls. Come enjoy this fun, educational series!



P.S.  Do you have any favorite sayings?


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