31 Days of Methods In Madness

Posted on Oct 1, 2015

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I have a writing goal this month and I hope you’ll help me!  My goal is to participate in the annual 31 Days writing challenge originated by home blogger, Myquillyn Smith (The Nester), and now hosted by Crystal Stine,  I’ve challenged myself to write a post of indeterminate length on a singular theme – every day of October.

I had difficulty in narrowing the writing to one theme, but to honor the concept behind my blog, I chose to write about methods.  Specifically, methods in madness.  And I’m going to approach each day’s topic according to a tip or subject of interest as it relates to the letters of the Alphabet. 



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I had a two-fold reason for choosing the topic of Methods in Madness. I wanted to meld literature, which I love, with helpful tips and tricks. Shakespeare is attributed with the quote:


Today, when we want to convince ourselves or others that we have a purpose, albeit crazy – we may use the phrase:


There is a method to my madness!



So the phrase originates in literature, Hamlet to be precise.  And it now embodies our various methods for achieving success.

I want to have fun with this challenge while providing useful bite-size pieces of information for others.  I’m nervous and excited to share this series with you!

This will be the series landing page.  As the days progress, check here for links to all 31 Days of Methods.


Have Fun With Me!


Day 2: ART

Day 3: Baby Shower

Day 4:  Chronic Illness

Day 5:  Decorate for Fall

Day 6: Energy Conservation

Day 7: Football & Food

Day 8:  GIFTS

Day 9:  HUMOR

Day 10:  I Words

Day 11:  Joy In Giving

Day 12:  Kitchen Sink

Day 13:  Life Hacks

Day 14:  Managing Money

Day 15:  Narcissism

Day 16:  Oral Health


Day 18:  QUOTES

Day 19:  Resentment & Letting Go

Day 20:  Sign Language

Day 21:  Time Management

Day 22:   Useful & Useless

Day 23:  V for Victor

Day 24:  Wine & Food Pairings

Day 25:  Xylophone

Day 26:  You Time

Day 27:  ZZ’s Sleep

Day 28:  Bonus – Music Focus

Day 29:  Bonus – Book Focus

Day 30:  Bonus – Quote Focus

Day 31:  The End




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