Day 11 Method: Joy In Giving

Posted on Oct 11, 2015

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A couple of days ago, I wrote about gifts and provided a list of 25 Gifts Under $50. Today, I’m going to expand that topic, but from an aesthetic point of view.


Today’s letter of the day is:




for Joy In Giving


I alluded to the fact, in day 8, that gift giving can contain an element of madness to the method. For some, however, there is no method, just sheer madness. It’s a challenge that’s lost its joy, bringing more stress than joy because people feel compelled to buy gifts not out of love, but out of obligation. And many times they feel coerced to buy gifts they cannot afford.


How can we regain the joy in giving?


Let’s practice spontaneous, cheerful gift giving.


When we feel motivated to express our appreciation for someone, act on that. Make it simple – a card, a helping hand, flowers, an uncomplicated, fun gift. Instill this art of giving in your children. Thinking about the person’s preferences for displaying affection will help.


Don’t go beyond your means!


Contrary to popular belief, the more expensive the gift does not equate to a deeper appreciation for an individual. Think about your favorite gift from your child…it’s probably a picture they drew just for you, from the heart. Why should it be any different as adults? We should not feel obligated to go into debt to show love for another person. And if the person loves us, they won’t want us to go into debt either!


Give according to what you have. Give of yourself.


31 Days of Methods In Madness Day 11 Method: Joy In Giving | Longfellow Quote | #write31days


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P.S. How Do You Maintain Your Joy In Giving?


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