Day 16 Method: Oral Health

Posted on Oct 16, 2015

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The importance of oral health is well known. It goes beyond cavities, halitosis and even gum disease. During pregnancy, plaque build-up can threaten the health the baby. There appears to be a link between premature labor or low birth weight babies and gingivitis. Apparently, excessive amounts of bacteria entering the bloodstream can potentially travel to the uterus and cause a chemical train reaction centering around prostaglandins, a prime component in pre-term labor. 


That brings us to today’s letter and topic of the day:




for Oral Health


I used to use toothpaste that proclaimed the ability to fight plaque and gingivitis up to 24 hours. I really did like the way it made my mouth feel. Then I learned it contained Polyethylene, a plastic used in products like grocery bags and other things you don’t want in your mouth! Supposedly, this ingredient has been removed; however, I don’t like the host of other chemicals still on the ingredient list of that or nearly any other toothpaste.


Retro DentistYes, the cavity protection is tremendous and I abhor the idea of getting teeth pulled or cavities filled, but I’d rather use something safer for my overall health.


About a year ago, I decided to try activated charcoal. I had an amazing side benefit – a sore in my mouth, resulting from a blocked saliva gland, that I was told an oral surgeon would have to remove –  began to disappear.


Over the course of two weeks, it completely vanished! I used:  



Natural Tooth & Gum Powder with Activated Charcoal

Natural Tooth & Gum Powder with Activated Charcoal, 2.75oz

I continue to happily use this powder. An added bonus is that the scouring ability is safer and better than polyethylene micro-beads and helps keep teeth whiter. Even if you don’t use this particular product, I really do suggest trying some type of an activated charcoal formulated for teeth and gums.


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P.S. What’s Your Toothpaste Preference?


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