Day 22 Method: Useful & Useless

Posted on Oct 22, 2015

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I’m one of those people who retains so-called useless information. It comes in handy for playing Trivial Pursuit. I’m still trying to find an alternate use for the factoids. 


That propensity led me to the topic and letter of the day for day 22 of the 31-day writing challenge.




for Useful & Useless {Fun Facts}


31 Days of Methods In Madness Day 22 Method- Useful & Useless Fun Facts - #write31days 

Come join me. I’ll begin with useful information, literally. How about synonyms and antonyms for the word Useful? And as you contemplate these, here’s another useful fact – switch this list around and you’ll have synonyms and antonyms for the word Useless. 🙂


Then continue reading for 9 FASCINATING, fun, fully sourced and authenticated facts. Do you know how dolphins sleep?


Synonyms for useful


 adj. beneficial, valuable

  • advantageous
  • appropriate
  • convenient
  • effective
  • favorable
  • fruitful
  • good
  • handy
  • helpful
  • meaningful
  • practical
  • pragmatic
  • profitable
  • proper
  • suitable
  • fit
  • functional
  • serviceable
  • suited
  • pithy


Antonyms for useful


  • inappropriate
  • impotent
  • disagreeable
  • harmful
  • bad 
  • futile

  • incapable
  • unfitting
  • unacceptable
  • unhelpful
  • worthless
  • bunk (nonsense)


Fun Facts of Useful / Useless Information


You define whether these facts are useful or useless to you; it’s defined by your perception!



  • Honey is a miracle food. The formation of honey is a beautiful symmetrical concoction of acidity, zero water, and naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide. It has been found by archaeologists, perfectly edible in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs’. (Source)



  • Camels have three (3) eyelids two of which have a double row of curly eyelashes to protect their eyes from the blowing desert sand. (Source)



  • Dolphins have to be alert to breath so they can’t fall into a deep sleep or they’ll suffocate. In order to stay alert while sleeping, they only retire one-half of their brain to sleep at a single time. (Source)



  • Buckingham palace contains 775 rooms. Of those 775 rooms, 240 are bedrooms of one sort or another, and 78 are bathrooms – I guess that means there are approximately 3 bedrooms for every 1 bathroom; seems relatively “normal” to me, yes? (Source)



  • Many think Rhythm is the longest English word without a vowel. In actuality, the longest word is TWYNDYLLYNGS. It’s origin is Welsh. The word can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary. It is an antiquated spelling of the word “twinling” meaning “twin”. (Source)



  • Elephants can ‘hear’ with their feet. African elephants, in particular, can perceive rumbles underfoot with sensory cells located in their feet. The vibrations travel up from their feet to their middle ear and the elephant translates that signal to a beat with timing to identify the source of the sound. (Source)



  • Women on birth control blink nearly twice as many times as men or women not on birth control. Men women blink approximately 14.5 times per minute while women on birth control were found to blink 19.6 times per minute. (Source)



  • The Bahamas was the first country to have an underwater post office in 1939. It was closed in 1942 during World War II. (Source)



  • Your heart beats over 100,000 times per day, 115,200 times if you average 80 beats per minute. That equates to 42,048,000 times in a year. (Source)


This post is Day 22 in a series called 31 Days of Methods In Madness. To read all the articles click here.



P.S. What’s The Most Fun Useful / Useless Information You Know?


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