Master Household Maintenance Checklist

Posted on Jul 18, 2015

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Originally published November 20, 2013. Updated July 11, 2015, with FREE Reference Sheets to Download and Print!



Would you find a Master Household Maintenance Checklist handy? 


There are so many types of Household Maintenance Checklists on the internet.  I find lists and schedules very helpful.  I’m compelled to use them.  But I dislike numerous lists to tackle both indoor and outdoor tasks on a monthly to a yearly basis.  I’ve compiled a Master Household Maintenance Checklist based on what I’ve found to be the most comprehensive all-in-one items.  This list includes daily chores to maintenance reminders for the family vehicle.  Think of this as your Go-To List.


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    • Make beds
    • Place dirty clothes in laundry hampers
    • Wipe out sinks and tubs after use
    • Hang towels to dry
    • Clean dishes as you cook
    • Wipe countertops
    • Sort mail
    • Manage clutter
    • Sweep Kitchen floor


    Click here for your Weekly list


      • Menu planning/grocery list
      • Laundry; wash sheets and blankets as well (if not more often)
      • Air dry front-loading washing machine doors and detergent bins
      • Scrub toilets and showers
      • Clean mirrors
      • Change bath towels (if not more often)
      • Wipe bath and kitchen cabinets down with damp cloth
      • Dispose of expired food from refrigerator
      • Wipe down exterior of stove and refrigerator
      • Wipe down interior and exterior of microwave
      • Scrub kitchen sink
      • Disinfect handles and door knobs
      • Dust surfaces (i.e. furniture and shelves)
      • Vacuum carpets
      • Sweep and mop hard surface floors
      • Take out trash
      • Clean trash receptacles


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        •  Pay bills and file paperwork
        • Dust light fixtures
        • Take out recycling
        • Sweep front entry and steps
        • Pick up yard debris
        • Pull weeds in growing season
        • Mow lawn in growing season
        • Maintain swimming pool in Summer
        • Clean interior and exterior of automobile


        Click here for your Monthly list


          •  Vacuum refrigerator coils; deep clean refrigerator
          • Clean kitchen exhaust hood and filter; deep clean oven
          • Clean, sanitize, and deodorize dishwasher
          • Clean, sanitize, and deodorize garbage disposal
          • Clean, sanitize, and deodorize coffee maker
          • Check bath, kitchen, and laundry supplies
          • Inspect tub and sink drains for debris; unclog.
          • Address any mold/mildew issues in kitchen or bath
          • Straighten up cabinets and drawers in kitchen and bath
          • Dust walls
          • Clean or replace air filters
          • Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
          • Test home security system (unless otherwise noted by manufacturer)


          Click here for your Quarterly list


            • Clean dust ruffles and mattress covers
            • Wash pillows
            • Dispose of expired food from freezer and pantry
            • Dispose of expired medication, make-up etc.
            • Run water and flush toilets in unused areas (i.e. guest quarters)
            • Check water softener and add salt if applicable
            • Test garage door auto reverse feature
            • Check coolant level and mixture in automobile
            • Fill washer fluid in automobile
            • Check power steering fluid in automobile
            • Check brake fluid in automobile
            • Check spark plugs in automobile
            • Check tire depth in automobile
            • Oil change in automobile


            Click here for your Seasonal Spring list


              • Spring Clean
              • Organize closets
              • Oil wood furniture
              • Inspect bath and kitchen caulking; re-caulk if needed
              • Install batteries in all smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
              • Check fire extinguishers
              • Leave the fireplace damper open for improved ventilation if the home is not air-conditioned
              • Test windows; lubricate if needed
              • Install window screens if applicable
              • Inspect attic for leaks
              • Test basement sump pump if applicable
              • Clean and seal deck if needed; look for signs of leaks where deck attaches to house
              • Inspect siding for damage
              • Verify roof in good condition; inspect flashing
              • Clean gutters and downspouts; verify water draining away from house
              • Clean window wells of debris
              • Inspect AC unit; clear grills and coils of any debris, dirt or brush
              • Inspect for insect infestations
              • Inspect outdoor play equipment
              • Prune spring-flowering shrubs after they bloom
              • Prune summer flowering shrubs before they bloom
              • Aerate lawn
              • Sharpen lawn mower blades
              • Inspect all lawn equipment for safety
              • Stock automobile with emergency supplies


              Click here for your Seasonal Summer list


                • Flip mattresses
                • Check grout and repair if needed
                • Reverse ceiling fans to rotate counter clockwise
                • Test water heater pressure relief valve
                • Inspect basement/crawl space
                • Inspect foundation
                • Power wash windows and siding
                • Touch up exterior paint if needed
                • Clean and organize garage; lubricate garage door springs, hinges, and rollers if applicable
                • Clean and organize outside storage sheds
                • Check that pool fence is intact if applicable
                • Clean outdoor grills; fill propane tanks
                • Disconnect propane tanks to gas fireplace if applicable


                Click here for your Seasonal Autumn list


                  • Deep clean house (think Spring Clean in Fall)
                  • Organize closets
                  • Install batteries in all smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
                  • Check fire extinguishers
                  • Inspect weather stripping; replace if needed
                  • Inspect caulk around windows and doors; re-caulk if needed
                  • Drain sediment from hot water heater
                  • Inspect furnace
                  • Ensure attic insulation in place
                  • Install storm windows if applicable
                  • Fill propane tanks and connect to gas fireplace if applicable
                  • Inspect chimneys/flues; clean if needed
                  • Inspect roof for damage
                  • Cover/store patio furniture
                  • Check driveway/sidewalks for cracks
                  • Store water hoses
                  • Winterize and insulate exposed pipes; install foam cup covers on outdoor faucets
                  • Winterize AC systems
                  • Remove or cover Window AC units
                  • Trim trees and shrubs
                  • Rake leaves and aerate lawn (if not done in Spring)
                  • Clean gutters and downspouts of leaf debris
                  • Stock up on winter gear (think sidewalk salt, snow shovel, ice scraper, etc.)
                  • Stock automobile for cold weather emergencies
                  • Check battery in automobile
                  • Check tire pressure in automobile
                  • Check antifreeze in automobile
                  • Check belts and hoses in automobile
                  • Change wiper blades; replace windshield wiper fluid in automobile
                  • Inspect 4-wheel drive functioning properly if applicable
                  • Install snow tires or chains in applicable climate
                  • Close up and cover pool if applicable


                  Click here for your Seasonal Winter list


                    • Sort and organize office files; dispose of unneeded documents
                    • Update home inventory
                    • Review and update insurance policies
                    • Flip mattresses
                    • Remove shower heads and clean sediment
                    • Clean dryer vent
                    • Inspect washing machine hoses
                    • Verify exhaust ducts clear
                    • Inspect sinks and toilets for leaks; replace washers if needed
                    • Inspect dishwasher and ice maker for leaks; replace dishwasher gasket if cracked
                    • Test GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets if applicable
                    • Reverse ceiling fans to rotate clockwise
                    • Tighten loose screws throughout home – family members don’t apply :>)
                    • Test basement sump pump if applicable
                    • Check for ice dams and icicles


                    Click here for your As Needed list

                    As needed

                      • Clean carpet
                      • Clean upholstery
                      • Wash down ceilings and walls
                      • Lubricate doors
                      • Refinish wood floors (typically every 7 years)
                      • Inspect timing belt in automobile if applicable
                      • Inspect fuel pressure regulator in automobile
                      • Clean battery in automobile
                      • Flush radiator in automobile
                      • Replace fuel filter in automobile
                      • Perform ABS sensor maintenance on automobile


                      And every so often, if applicable, let’s check this:


                      Every 2-3 years

                        •  Inspect septic tank if applicable


                        Master Household Maintenance Checklist Reference

                        Master Household Maintenance Checklist Reference Sheets 1-4

                        I suggest you print all 4 of the reference sheets, place them in clear document sheet protectors, then store them in a household binder. This enables you to periodically check off the completed tasks with a dry erase marker, and then wipe it clean to reuse.


                        Finally, a true Master Household Maintenance Checklist. Here's a Go-To-List covering daily chores, and seasonal upkeep to maintenance of the family vehicle. This is the Revised list with FREE reference chart.


                        You might find my post on 10 Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts to Target Hidden Germs helpful when working your way through this checklist.



                        P.S. So did you find this helpful?  What would you add to this checklist?


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