Sunday & Southern Monthly ~ Issue 3

Posted on Jan 31, 2015

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Sunday & Southern Monthly

Welcome Back to Sunday & Southern Monthly!

If you missed the previous installments, you’ll be interested in reading Issue 1 where I give a full definition of colloquial and a favorite example of one.  In Issue 2 you’ll find out what my youngest daughter does every morning.

Here in Sunday & Southern Monthly in an attempt to bring a little southern style, charm, grace, and humor to you once a month, I publish a colloquialism favored in the South ~ a southernism.

Over the last month or so I’ve tried NOT to be this, every day ~  



  1. a person who worries or frets incessantly particularly about things that aren’t important

  2. a person inclined to worry unduly


My interest was piqued here to know the origin of this term.  We know what worry is; we know what warts are.  But do warts worry? Or did someone at some point worry to no end about a wart?


Expanded Definition

Consider the expanded definition of worry: as in latching onto something and nearly harrassing it (think of a cat “worrying” their catnip spiked squeaker toy).  And an expanded definition of wart: an unattractive trait.

So we can in effect say that a worry-wart is a person who latches onto something and constantly worries about it to the point of becoming unattractive to others.  Not something I want to become. No Nervous Nellie for me!


Known Use of WORRYWART

From 1922 to 1957 a popular newspaper comic strip “Out Our Way” featured a character that went by the nickname “Worry Wart”.  He was a young boy who created worry rather than suffering from worry.  This made me think of the character Dennis the Mennis.  Both characters became household names.

Interestingly, Worry Wart was also a DC Comics character in 1944 with a first appearance: All-Flash #15



handwringer, worrier, nervous Nellie


Tune in next month {in a month of Sundays 😉 }   for the next installment of Sunday & Southern Monthly.  You’ll read all about another silly southern saying.

Thanks for reading!  Hurry on back now, ya hear?


P.S.  Do you have any favorite sayings?

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