Sunday & Southern Monthly ~ Issue 4

Posted on Feb 28, 2015

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Sunday & Southern Monthly - Issue 4

Welcome Back to Sunday & Southern Monthly!

If you missed the previous installments, you’ll be interested in reading Issue 1 where I give a full definition of colloquial and a favorite example of one.  In Issue 2 you’ll find out what my youngest daughter does every morning.  In Issue 3 you’ll find out what trait I’ve been fighting.

Here in Sunday & Southern Monthly in an attempt to bring a little southern style, charm, grace, and humor to you once a month, I publish a colloquialism favored in the South ~ a southernism.

Last month I realized this is a permanent part of my vocabulary ~   

Knee High To A Grasshopper


Informal Adjective Phrase

  1. Very short or small, especially due to youth

  2. Quite young

  3. Comparison emphasizing remoteness in time


Given the fact that grasshoppers are extremely short insects, roughly less than an inch tall, I’d say that’d make someone minuscule!


Expanded Definition

Knee-high to a grasshopper is an informal expression and a hyperbole or extreme exaggeration .  It dates from about 1850 and replaced the earlier expressions: knee-high to a mosquito, knee-high to a bumblebee, and knee-high to a splinter.  (Read more).


Tune in next month {in a month of Sundays 😉 }   for the next installment of Sunday & Southern Monthly.  You’ll read all about another silly southern saying.

Thanks for reading!  Hurry on back now, ya hear?


P.S.  Do you have any favorite sayings?

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