The Ultimate Movers Guide

Posted on Dec 28, 2013

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This Series: The Ultimate Movers Guide won’t leave you guessing.


We purchased a new home over the Summer; it meant we had to move yet again.  This move made number 35 by my last count.  In preparation, I pulled out my checklist, the one that I can never seem to retire, and realized moving involves so much work!  I’ve taken most of the steps for granted since I’ve done it so many times, but that doesn’t automatically simplify the process.  A complete, ultimate, mover’s guide can prepare you to  tackle any move with sanity!


Whether the move is around the corner or cross-country, some organization is required.  From determining where to move to determining how to get there – a move has to be planned.  So I’ve presented a series of helpful articles [ some might even call them moving – pun totally intentioned 🙂 ], allowing you to focus on the type of move best suited to your circumstances.   I’ve successfully completed them all, and you can too.


    1. The Bi-Coastal Move – Traverse Your Long Distance Move in 12 Simple Steps.   This article will help you simplify your long distance move in 12 easy to follow steps.
    2. The Local Move – Need New Neighbors? Making the Move with ease.  This article highlights the tasks associated with a move around the corner.
    3. The New House – Moving into Your New House – What to Know.  Moving tips for a seamless transition from renter to owner.
    4. The First Apartment – Targeted Tips for Apartment Dwellers.  Here you’ll find information on how to select the best apartment complex, the best unit, and the best landlord.
    5. Moving Pets – 8 Essentials to Moving with Pets.  A must read article if you want to ensure your furry friend makes it to their new home happy and healthy.
    6. Moving with your Baby – Don’t Put Baby in a Corner, Move Her.   No-nonsense tips for moving with kids in tow.
    7. Hauling your Car – Top 5 Considerations when Moving your CarAll the information you need to decide if having your car professionally moved is for you.
    8. Hiring a Moving Company – How to Hire a Moving Company and 12 Questions to Ask
    9. Full-Service Movers – Use Them, Don’t Lose Them – Using Full-Service Movers.  How to get the most bang for your buck when using full-service movers.
    10. Using a Driver – Moving: To Drive or Not to Drive? That is the Question.  Are you interested in the “Hybrid” Move?  This is an informative article when deciding how and when to pack a trailer for a driver to move instead of the full-service or do-it-yourself options.
    11. The total DIY move – Calling the Total DIY Movers! Your Guide to Doing it Right.
    12. Packing – How to Pack Moving Boxes the Right Way.  Tips for packing your fine china to readying your appliances. Free packing labels included!
    13. Your Road Trip Kit Checklist: Don’t Move Without It!  Be prepared for the long-haul with this checklist.
    14. Non-Allowable – What NOT to Pack.  There are some items prohibited either by movers or when entering certain States.  This checklist will keep you informed.
    15. Moving Checklist – The Basic Moving Checklist – for the “Pro’s”.  This is the go-to checklist for the person whose moved, and moved, and moved again – they just want a little task list.


    As each article is posted, you will find a link included to direct you to each article in the series.   Go from Merry Move to Happy Home in next to no time.





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